• Twin Links Redux – Start to Finish

So around December I started thinking about what I would wear to Sakuracon ’13. My sister and I haven’t been to a con together since Kumoricon ’11, and Twin Links had been firmly retired in that time. Since we both managed to have the time off for spring break, I decided to get to work planning a twin costume for us, and I just kept landing back on Links. We discussed moving on to Twilight Princess Links of Skyward Sword Links, but both of us still hold a special place in our hearts for Ocarina of Time. We decided to upgrade the expense, design and detail of our previous costumes, and try to stay a little closer to the source material than we did back in 2008-2011.

I started patterning basic bodice and tunic shapes so our tunics could have a better fit and make us look flatter chested (we wore binding underneath the tunics to accomplish a more masculine appearance).

I constructed and tried on the Green tunic before I did my sisters, and a few key differences were there darker, more accurate color, the slit actually opens up to the point of the hip, the neck was actually shaped, and just bound off instead of lined with an accent, The sleeves were much longer and more open, hitting near the elbow instead of appearing more like a cap sleeve, and the tunic was tailored to accomplish a more masculine Upper body. We decided against waist padding due to comfort and heat issues we encountered during our first trial. We also really enjoyed opting for a heavier cloth, and it made the tunic hang much better, and feel more accurate.

After I finished both Tunics and hats, we went back and bought new underlayers. Although the previous ones were game accurate, they were old and greying, and we both wanted to add more accurate lacing at the neck of our under-tunics. I made fingerless gloves out of a 2-way stretch double knit, so they wouldn’t fray.

After that, all it took was re-making 2 adult wallets, adding some glass ruppees, buckling on our swords and getting out onto the con floor!

To see the rest of this photo set, you can go to the Twin Links Gallery:

Twin Links Gallery


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