• Deus Ex Gender-Bend Jensen and Malik – Planning Stages

I got Deus Ex: Human Revolution for my birthday this last May, and after playing through it, I got really into the fashion of the game. I love the idea of making Jensen’s coat, but tailored to my body, which lead to the idea of doing a  Jensen cosplay. At first I wanted to make an Adam Jensen costume for my boyfriend to wear, but after a lot of discussion, my boyfriend (who doesn’t cosplay), let on that he’d be more into doing a Male Malik costume, and that I could make a Jensen outfit for myself. The costume is still in it’s planning stages, and I’m collecting the materials to start work, but I’m going to post some of the cool source pictures I found, and lay out my general plans for how these two costumes will go down!

Fem Jensen Source

I am very into tailored garments and stylized seam lines, and I have enough experience with working with heavy cloth to be comfortable making a heavy peacoat like this. I’ve taken several prosthetic and makeup classes, and I plan to cast and paint reusable facial prosthesis for the facial Augs. Because I’ll be wearing the coat, I won’t need to make full arm casts, but I am still in the process of deciding how I’m going to accomplish Jensen’s hands. The main body of work is going to be the coat, facial prosthesis, and proper body armor. The details will be selected or made to match those main items once they are made, and by then I’ll have a better idea of what will be going into this.

Male Malik Source

The really important part to get right for Malik is the flight suit. I’m either going to make or buy the right grey flight suit, and from there, it’s all in the details. There is going to be plenty of screen printing, applique, and heat transfer application to achieve the detailing and printing for the jumpsuit, as well as tailoring and building up for the cloth. I plan to build up the spine with a slightly shiny pleather/vinyl to create the raised spine down the back, as well as screen print a few “SARIF” logo tank tops to wear underneath. The digital knee pads will either be static and painted, or have EL wire running through them, so they glow like screens. I’ll be adjusting the tailoring of the flight suit so it’s not just a man wearing a woman’s flight suit, and I’m going to probably change the leg into a straight leg, with heavier boots. Again, the flight suit is the main piece, and when I have that done, I can start moving on to perfecting the smaller pieces.

I know I haven’t actually posted any progress, but planning and patterning before hand is the best way to have a good cosplay!



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