• Future Cosplay Plans

Alright, so I’ve been planning a lot of articles to go up in the Articles Tab, and I’ve been using a lot of my future cosplay plans to help decide what I want to write about. I don’t want to publish articles until I get some good detailed pictures of the processes I’ll be writing about, so I want to wait until these Future Cosplays become Current Cosplays before the posts go live. Instead of posting some half-finished articles, I wanted to help organize my future cosplay plans both for myself, and for people to give me feedback on what I should do, and write about, soonest. Here is a list of the next 7 (SEVEN, Count ’em!) cosplays I hope to do! Img from Google

1) Sgt Calhoun from Wreck-It Ralph

Sgt Calhoun is my first choice for cosplay for a number of reasons. For a while now I’ve been doing a lot of reading about EVA foam armor, and when I went to see Wreck-It Ralph the first time, I instantly started planning how I would make Calhoun’s armor. Jane Lynch is one of my favorite actresses, and Calhoun’s personality is downright awesome! Anyone who disagrees is a cybug. The challenges this costume will pose are going to be working with a new material, Wig styling, and durability. Having never made armor before, I’m going to have to devote a lot of time to the design phase, as run a lot of trial and error. The payout will be worth it.

2) Fem Jensen and Male Malik from Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Jensen and Malik are a badass couple, have amazing character design, and are perfect for my favorite sewing style! I feel that they have to be done together, and in fact, I’m so psyched about these costumes that I’ve already put up a post about the planning stages here!

3) Silk Spectre II from Watchmen

I’ve been planning this costume since 2009, but something always seems to get in the way. Be it money, school, experience or motivation, I’ve never quite felt it’s time for me to do this cosplay, but hopefully the wait is over. The plan is to make the whole outfit from scratch, with sheet latex and lots of planning. I’m going to be doing some small latex piece soon, and hopefully attaining enough skill to do a full latex Silk Spectre II suit. The satisfaction of finishing this is going to be awesome! I’m working on my body for personal reasons, but thoughts of a revealing latex suit help me stay motivated!

4) Skye from Sanctum

I love the game Sanctum, I can play for HOURS and not tire or it. If you haven’t played Sanctum, get it next time there is a Steam Sale, it’s excellent. It’s a first-person shooter tower defense game, with up to 4 person multiplayer, and it’s done everything right in my book. Either way, there is only one player character, Skye, and she’s a badass with a great costume for my body type! I’m working more with bodysuits, and really into making more armor, so she’s got everything I want to challenge myself with! The armor for this costume will be hard to make sturdy, but it will help me practice for the next costume I hope to make:

5) Sif from Thor (Movie Concept Art)

I love Sif! I love the Thor movie, and I really did enjoy Sif’s portrayal in the first Thor movie. Her concept art is complex, elegant, and practical. Her character has always been the embodiment of female warrior prowess, and as a martial artist, I would love to build myself a set of practical (cosplay) armor, even if the only fighting I’ll be doing in it is for a photoshoot. I’m looking into alternate methods for sturdy armor, and I’m excited to start this one! Maybe I’ll even bump this one up my list!

6) Maya from Borderlands 2

After doing Lilith from Borderlands, and having my twin sister wear it for a day at Sakuracon ’11, I realized that I would love to do a twin cosplay from Borderlands. When [SPOILERS] I saw Lilith come back in Borderlands 2, I can’t WAIT to do the combo of Lilith/Maya. I love the character design of Sirens, I love fitted suits, and stretch material, and I can’t wait to practice wig cutting and styling more. I also consider altering my BL1 Lilith into BL2 Lilith part of this costume, which will be less of a challenge and more of a fun exercise. I may even try to teach my sister how to sew!

7) Red Gerudo from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

I play OoT a lot, and I’ve always wanted to do a comfy casual cosplay from it. I can see this as a simple relaxing project to work on in between more complex costumes, and something for me to wear after a long day at con. This also is a cosplay I can use to keep myself working out, as I always react well to inspiration in form of current project source photos!


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