• Cosplay update – Let’s get down to Business!

Hey guys! I know I haven’t posted in a while, and that’s because I’ve been taking a hiatus from cosplay while I got my life sorted out. Finally I know what I’m doing with my education, I’m getting awesome work experience, and I was just asked to be an assistant costume designer for a theater production. Life is good, and that means my hiatus is over, and it’s time to bust out some more cosplay!

So I’d posted a list of my top cosplay plans a few months ago, and the feedback I got on it really helped me form my cosplay plans, mainly bumping Jensen and Malik, and Sif to the top of my list. Recently that list got completely usurped by my going to see the new Disney movie Frozen. Not only am I in love with the songs, I’m also in love Elsa the snow queen, and I’ve decided to make her ice dress. Although it won’t be done before the year is out (I’m going on vacation in a week oh my god!) I will have it done before this winter is over, and I just. Can’t. Wait!

I’ve already patterned it, and I may start work on it as soon as tomorrow. Look at this! I’m so excited:


So, just wanted to let you all know that this site, my twitter, and my facebook are all about to get a lot more active! Thanks for stopping by!


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