• Cosplay update – Elsa from Frozen Update #1

So I’d announced this new cosplay in December, and I wanted to let everyone know that I’m actually making progress! I’ve posted a few shots to Twitter and Facebook, but I wanted to finally reveal my patterning and testing phases here. Elsa - Frozen Now, I’ve been battling a couple of feelings about this cosplay; I know she’s super popular, and there’s been a huge rush from some really big-name cosplayers to finish their Elsa first. I know there are some really good Elsa’s already out there, but I’ve finally settled on the fact that I’m ok with that. I don’t need to be the BEST Elsa out there, or be the first to finish in order to make a badass costume, and that’s exactly what I’m going to do!

I’ve gathered a lot of supplies: cloth+beads I’ve made a lot of patterns:

And I’m finally in the mockup and testing phase; I’m really excited for this! The design may change depending on how my first full mock-up goes, but I’m pretty happy about how it’s looking so far. I made a mock-up of the under dress, and I’ve been testing snowflake patterns for the cape for several days. Soon I’ll be doing some dye testing and actually starting to piece the bodice. I know this update may seem premature, but I’m pretty damn excited for getting stuff done while still going to school full time and working!



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