• Cosplay Update – Boudicca from Civilization V

I am so in love with this costume! I’d been working slowly on the bits of it without a solid idea of when I’d need it by, but I decided to finish it for PAX Prime, which is in just 21 days! [oh man]

So first off, Boudicca is the warrior queen of a celtic tribe who held an uprising against the Roman Empire in AD. 60 or 61. In Civ, she’s the faction leader of the Celts, and is incredibly competitive, tending to start wars early and go for a domination victory. In short, she’s a total badass and I want to do her properly! My favorite source picture for this costume is her initial concept art which is what I’ve been basing a lot of my proportions on.

Boudicca Concept Art 

So the first thing I took on was the dress, belt and bracers. The main body of the costume. I mocked up the dress in muslin twice before making it in the tartan, and I was going to go with a real leather belt, but the piece I had wasn’t quite the right dimensions, so I moved on to an alternative.

2nd Mock Up Pic

First Mock Up Pic Faceless

The first mockup I did, to the left, had the shoulder strap and dress as one piece, but as I looked at more source I re-patterned it to be much more accurate. The belt here is just a stand in elastic belt.


Once I’d figured out my pattern, I also patterned out the bracers and belt. I chose to go with Fun Foam as my base material because it’s easy to shape, easy to engrave, and easy to stain to look like leather. Hopefully in the near future I’ll be adding a “how to make fake leather with fun foam” tutorial, look back here soon for that! After I figured out the basic shape of the pieces, I used my laptop and a piece of glass as a lightbox and traced the celtic knot patterns from in-game shots onto paper, turned that paper into graphite transfer paper the old fashioned way (scribble with pencil on the back, then trace onto your funfoam piece) and then engraved the patterns into the foam.

After the patterns are engraved in, I used shoe polish, leather paint, and floor wax to create the leather look. These aren’t done yet, and I will show how I’ll make the patterns stand out brighter and be more visible in my next update!

For the actual body of the costume, I’ve finished the tartan dress, and made a fitted leather crop-top to wear under the dress. I’ve also made a bit of progress styling the wig, which was a basic Jeannie from Arda Wigs in Dark Copper Red.


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