• Cosplay Props and Accessories – with a life update!

Since about 6 months ago I’ve been starting to deal with the fact that I need to ‘figure out my life’ as it were, which has really put some of my cosplay plans on the back burner. I’ve graduated from college, gained a few more hobbies, I’ve been looking into jobs, moving, ‘growing up’ and starting a ‘career path’ instead of just a job plan. It’s weird, and stressful and cat-friendly apartments in the area I want to live with access to the jobs I want is CRAZY! But, it means I’ve also been putting more serious thought, and actual work into my business.

Working for myself, being an entrepreneur and  making cosplay and clothing is finally becoming a realistic goal. As this goal has solidified, my output is finally on the up-and-up! Hopefully no more long hiatuses from cosplay or commissions, months and months of no posts and pictures, and the old dry “but these old costumes are cool too guys!” that I fell into while I was focusing on college! Right now, since I still need to remind people why they should commission from me, I’ve started down the path of pre-made accessories and jewelry! Anything to get my creative juices geared back up for the big leagues!

So this is just going to be a small post update about my life, and showcase a couple of the things that are in the works around me that are going to lead me back to ballgowns and battle armor!


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