• Orcs Must Die Cosplay Progress

I’m so over the moon about this cosplay! This is the first time I’ve done armor or a couple’s costume and I can’t get over how well it turned out!


I spent a lot of time doing the research for my Orcs Must Die 2 Sorceress and War Mage. I’ve spent hours in game not only playing, but also taking screenshots and examining the characters so that I’d be intimately familiar with the costume before I even started patterning. By far the greatest challenged that this costumed posed was the armor; although I’d made small pieces for Links and Boudicca, I’d never really created armor in the scale that this costume called for. I had only ever used the funfoam armor technique, but this cosplay required something sturdier. After a day of research I ordered a 24 square foot pack of EVA foam floor mats, which turned out to be enough to complete every piece for both costumes, even with my disastrous first try!


I had heard you could heat your EVA foam in the oven, but either I misread the heat and time directions or my oven is not standard! This was 1’x1′ of foam before I heated it!

After almost burning my apartment to the ground, and struggling through the noxious EVA foam smoke, I went out and purchased a heat gun, which really streamlined the armor process!

I used a lot of computer aided design on this project, pulling character images into sketch-up, scaling them to our real-life sizes, tracing their armor components, and then using a 2D CNC machine to cut paper patterns. I really notice that I’m a lot happier with the pieces I made this way vs. the ones I patterned by eye, and I’m going to try and use this technique as much as possible in the future!

Some of my best work happens after I colossally fail on the first try. Through persistence and stubbornness (and the gut wrenching horror of an impending con date) I managed to whip together two complete cosplays that I am incredibly proud of! To see final pictures of these costumes, please visit the Sorceress and War Mage Gallery.


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