I’m NightLotus, Cosplayer, Commissioner, and Link of The Twin Links. To contact me about a costume commission or any other reason:

You can Email me at NightLotusCosplay@gmail.com
My Facebook Page is NightLotusCosplay on Facebook
I also have a Coscom Profile which lists all my personal and commission projects.

A little about myself:

I first learned to sew back in 2008, and I started cosplaying within the first couple of months. Being a twin was a huge part of my life, and so I gravitated towards twin cosplays. Late 2008 the first time my twin sister and I went to conventions, and we formed the cosplay group Twin Links, named for our exclusive and somewhat recognizable cosplay. We went our separate ways in 2011, and by that time we had both moved on from Twin Links, and the costumes were retired. I’d started do delve into more complex costumes and sewing projects, but in Spring 2013, my sister and I finally attended a con as Twin Links again.

In the mean time, I started to do more than sew; making cosplay props and masks, working with leather and metal, selling cosplay commissions, and in 2012 I started working for the Miller Theater costume shop in Eugene. My ability to conceive, design, and construct clothing and costumes is constantly maturing, and I love to share that with other cosplayers who may not have the time or experience to construct everything themselves. I constantly push myself to be better, and delve into new areas of cosplay expertise. Right now I’m working on being a better wig stylist, working with powered components, and creating prosthetics.

You can message me or make a post on any of my sites for more information. Comments and site messages are also welcome.

Lilith Door Small


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