• Orcs Must Die Cosplay Progress

I’m so over the moon about this cosplay! This is the first time I’ve done armor or a couple’s costume and I can’t get over how well it turned out!


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• Cosplay Update – Clerics of Pelor: Design and Beginnings

As you may or may not know, I adore playing D&D. I’ve been in a group since my late high school years and I am predominantly a magic user. I’ve played my fair share of wizards, sorcerers and paladins, but I’ve always loved the cleric class. Beyond the functions of a bandaid box, the cleric has so much versatility in load-out and play style. So, when I met another cleric-loving D&D player who was willing to cosplay with me, we had to jump on it! Click Continue Reading to read about the progress!


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• Cosplay Update – Boudicca Debut

Here are the few pictures of my Boudicca costume I got from PAX 2014! I’m hoping to take her out and update/modify some parts soon, and those pictures will be added when that time comes! For now, enjoy these few completed shots of Boudicca in action!

• Cosplay Update – Boudicca from Civilization V

I am so in love with this costume! I’d been working slowly on the bits of it without a solid idea of when I’d need it by, but I decided to finish it for PAX Prime, which is in just 21 days! [oh man]

So first off, Boudicca is the warrior queen of a celtic tribe who held an uprising against the Roman Empire in AD. 60 or 61. In Civ, she’s the faction leader of the Celts, and is incredibly competitive, tending to start wars early and go for a domination victory. In short, she’s a total badass and I want to do her properly! My favorite source picture for this costume is her initial concept art which is what I’ve been basing a lot of my proportions on.

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Costume Update – Duchess of Hearts

So I have been pretty quiet on the cosplay front for the last couple of months, and I promise it was for good reason! I’ve had the awesome opportunity to work for the University of Oregon Theatre’s costume lab working as a costume constructor for the show “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”.

It’s a carnival themed interpretation of Alice in Wonderland, designed by Natalya Kolosowsky, and I was lucky enough to get to be the constructor for the Duchess of Hearts who is a bearded lady (Played by Anna Klos). I’ve been having so much fun, but also putting so much time into this costume, and seeing it on stage opening night was one of my favorite costuming experiences so far! I thought I’d share some of the progress pictures I took while working on this project. Hopefully I’ll be able to get some final pictures of the costume and add a gallery of photos here soon! I hope you enjoy this look at the creation process I went through for the Duchess of Hearts!

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• Cosplay update – Elsa from Frozen Update #2

So I’ve been working slowly on the cosplay mainly because I have no deadline! That’s right, I’m not actually doing Elsa for a con, but rather just for the joy of getting back into cosplay! So, that goes to say that progress is going, but it’s going quite a bit slower than my usual break-neck pace. Here are some progress pics from the last couple of weeks of working! I’ve also included some interesting detail pics of the bodice construction in my article on Seaming, Finishing and Lining over in the articles tab!

Front Full Small

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