• Cosplay update – Elsa from Frozen Update #2

So I’ve been working slowly on the cosplay mainly because I have no deadline! That’s right, I’m not actually doing Elsa for a con, but rather just for the joy of getting back into cosplay! So, that goes to say that progress is going, but it’s going quite a bit slower than my usual break-neck pace. Here are some progress pics from the last couple of weeks of working! I’ve also included some interesting detail pics of the bodice construction in my article on Seaming, Finishing and Lining over in the articles tab!

Front Full Small

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• Cosplay update – Elsa from Frozen Update #1

So I’d announced this new cosplay in December, and I wanted to let everyone know that I’m actually making progress! I’ve posted a few shots to Twitter and Facebook, but I wanted to finally reveal my patterning and testing phases here. Elsa - Frozen Continue reading